Thermacut presented its EX‑TRABEAM® PRO solid-state laser cutting head with autofocus at the EuroBLECH show in October 2018. The cutting head is suitable for use with modern, high-performance laser cutting machines equipped with a solid-state beam source operating in the wavelength range of 1030 to 1130 nm and with a maximum power output of 8 kW.

With the new EX-TRABEAM® PRO, Thermacut offers users of modern laser cutting machines an optimized laser cutting head with autofocus function, which improves penetration into the material. Designed with a user-friendly service concept, trained and certified plant engineers can quickly and easily change optical components in a Flowbox that minimizes dirt and contaminants on the optics. EX‑TRABEAM® PRO works with a collimating focal length of 100 mm and focused focal lengths of 125, 150, 175, or 200 mm. The cutting gas pressure is 25 bar at maximum.

The EX‑TRABEAM® PRO offers a high level of mechanical sealing, including the “Smart Protection” seal monitoring system for protection of the optical components. Thanks to the front-operated beam adjustment, the horizontal alignment is designed to be very easy and precise. Unlike other commercially available systems, the capacitive sensing of the EX‑TRABEAM® PRO is not prone to temperature drifts, so this new laser cutting head from Thermacut allows precise distance measurements. Even with high beam power and long operating times, EX-TRABEAM® PRO maintains a stable distance to the workpiece and provides better cutting results. Thermacut also supplies replacement consumable parts and optics for this new cutting head.


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